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Re: [IP] My A1c !!!!!!!!

I recently got updated A1c results from my endo.  This is my 2nd A1c since
I started on the pump.  Before the pump, I was running 5.7's.  The first
post-pump (after 3 months) was 5.4, and now after a year it's gotten
even better at 5.2.

The year before pumping I had 3 EMT episodes (the only 3 in 20 years).  This
was my deciding factor in getting a pump.  Since starting on the pump, I
haven't come anywhere near needing EMT assistance.  Not to say that I don't
still have lows, but they are much easier to handle.

This group has been a nice resource to draw on too.


> > I just returned from the Dr's and my A1c was way down from my
> > December reading of 8.2. I had just started using the Paradigm pump
> > in December. Today my A1c is 6.7 .In 3months from now I will try to
> > get it at 6.0 or below . But its not real important that I do, I am
> > happy with the way my diabetes is being treated now !!
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