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[IP] gushers anyone?

email @ redacted writes:
>You know something I don't understand?  Before I came to this list last
>fall, I had never heard of nor experienced a gusher.  The closest I came is
>to having a very small amount of blood come out that stopped immediately
>when pressure was applied.
>Are there some people not so vulnerable to gushers than others?  If so, what
>would be the cause of the difference?  Why would some people be prone to
>gush, and others not?

  People in my family tend to bruise very easily and also my aunts get a lot of
spider veins. I also have the bruise problem which seems to translate into
getting more gushers. Some times a bruise forms around my set (especially
noticeable after a
bath), if this happens when I pull the set out it gushes.
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