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[IP] gushers anyone?

email @ redacted writes:
> I have heard about people having "gushers" and I have had them before myself,
>but nothing could compare to what happened on Saturday. I started feeling
 >thirsty and sensed a headache coming on, so I decided I needed to change my
 >(after first checking my blood sugar). I got out my bottle of insulin and let
>warm and looked down at my site. It had the fainted red dot where the cannula
>went in (I use Sils) and I had not hit the site at all. So, I went and got a
 >bandaid, just in case it gushed a little. As I pulled the cannula out, a rush
 >blood streamed down my stomach and on the floor! I filled 4 paper towels
>my mother got me a wet washcloth to hold over it. We called the doctor (the
>emergency physician) but now one ever called back. After about 20 minutes of
>elevating my feet with the washrag on my side, it stopped. Now I have a purple
>and blackish bruise! Anyone have any idea what might have happened? You can
>email me personally at email @ redacted if you!
> like.
  I always seem to get some kind of gusher or blood in the cannula when I am on
my period. But that is probably because I bruise really easily when I get my
period. So I have to watch my sets at that time. :)
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