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Re: [IP] swimming/coaches

> The only problem we've come to is that my coach isn't very
> understanding of my diabetes.  He, usually, will not let me out of the
> water
> to check my BG and we've had some pretty severe lows because of it.
> That's
> >>>our current battle. :-)

Have your parents call him and explain the seriousness of a low.  He NEEDS
to understand, and if he forbids it, he clearly does not.

The seriousness of a low cannot be overstated.  Though you may be part fish
in your right mind, when a serious low occurs (such as one making you very
sleepy and/or lethargic) you could die, especially if you found yourself
stuck and forced to continue the exercise without doing anything about the

When I taught school, I had no clue about asthma.  None whatsoever.  I had
my students run during recess sometimes.  One complained of an asthma attack
and I let him walk, but made him continue.  (This was a child who hated
running anyway, so I guess I thought he just thought of an excuse to get out
of it.)

The mother was there one time and told me that he really needed to stop and
use his inhaler.  This was serious and wasn't something to mess around with.
>From that time forward, when his asthma was a problem, I let him be the
judge.  I simply needed an explanation.

I'll bet your coach would be the same way.  (It may well be that he wonders
if you are just tired of practicing and looking for a way out of it.)  If
not, then whoever he answers to would be the next person to go to.
Something like that just can't be permitted to continue.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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