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[IP] who's got the grossest.....

...gusher story?

ok here are mine...I have only had two and both were story worth...but fair 
warning, they are grosssssss

Originally posted to IP 30 Mar 1998 

This happened to me one time and I thought I was gonna die!  I was changing 
my site - It was a fairly new site - like less than 2 days, but it had gotten 
really sore, but not red or anything.  I was standing at the kitchen counter 
and I pulled the site out (using bent needles at this time)  I wiped the spot 
with an alcohol pad and carried on filling the next infusion set.  I noticed 
a warm sensation on my stomach and looked down to see blood OOZING out of the 
site!  Not gushing but literally thick blood OOZING  - got the picture?  eww 

So I wiped it again with the alcohol pad.  Since this was pre-appendix 
surgery, I still had a nice roll of fat on my belly, and this site happened 
to be on the down side of the roll, so I used one hand to stretch my skin up 
a little so I can see. Well, when I wiped the oozing blood off, it was like I 
had turned on a fire hose!!  This pin sized hole spewed blood with enough 
force to hit my kitchen cabinets.  Stupidly, I stretched my skin up again to 
see what the hell is going on and blood continues in a real purty arc around 
the kitchen - window, curtains, stove. etc.

I am, as you can imagine, FREAKING OUT!!!.  The two alcohol pads are soaked, 
so I grab the kitchen towel and press it into my stomach.  I am bleeding to 
death I think.....I go sit down cuz for some reason I am feeling rather 
faint, with this
towel pressed into my stomach.  I peek under it only to be rewarded by blood 
in my face.  I hold the towel there another minute and peek again - this 
sucker is still gushing!  So, living alone as I did, I called 911 and about 
the time the operator answered, I thought, I am not going to incur an 
ambulance expense, not to mention the ER headache for a mere nose bleed outta 
my belly.  So I hung up and sat down again.  

I had to keep the towel there another 5 minutes before it stopped bleeding. 
At the end of all this, the towel, my underwear, etc. was soaked in blood. 
All of this out of a eensy weensy itty bitty pin sized hole.

BUT - it has never happened again, so there ya are - just a freak of nature.

What I think happened is that the needle had nicked a blood vessel at some 
point during the day  which starting the initial  discomfort.  It had bled 
under the skin but the needle kept re nicking it maybe, cuz I was running 
around and doing alot of physical stuff all day.  When I first pulled it out, 
the oozing blood was just like clotted blood that had pooled there near the 
site - when I wiped the clot away with the alcohol pad, it was like turning 
on the hose.  Who know.  I had a nice bruise, but that's it.

Then i had another one a few years later....
originally posted to IP on 5/10/00

I had my second gusher tonight...Only the 2nd one is more than 7 years 
pumping...THIS IS GROSS - you have been warned...

SO i have been having awesome bgs since my vitrectomy, but yesterday morning 
had 2 unexplainable ones in the 200s.  I noticed a bit of blood just where 
the canula enters the skin, so figured I would do a site change...this one 
was from last Tuesday anyway....so I did...about 2 inches away,  same side 
but further back....plugged in, primed and went about my day....great sugars 
all day

Tonight, I woke up around 4am and my hand was on my site...and I noticed my 
was not plugged in!!!  GONE!!!  what?  I was still kinda drowsy, so I felt 
around...found the pump on the mattress next to me, where I knew it would be, 
and followed the tubing to my body...ahhh there it was...I moved my hand back 
to the OLD site, which I now realized I had left in, and lifted the tape off, 
pulled it off and dozed back to sleep.

Now, it has been hotter than hell's kitchen here in hell's kitchen, NYC so I 
am used to
being slightly damp when I sleep, and I didn't think anything unusual when I 
felt that first drop of "sweat" roll down my back...as I wiped it away i 
thought, "that feels weird"...and as i moved my hand around, it felt awfully 
soaking wet for a little sweat, and awfully warm and sticky even for MY 
sweat...so i turn on my light...My hand is COVERED in blood.  My arm all the 
way to the elbow is covered in blood,  my stomach looks like a prop for ER!!! 
 my innie navel is FULL of blood - and it is all over the place...sheet, 
pillow, t-shirt, underwear...I grab a tissue...kinda like grabbing a can of 
Raid for the plague of the locusts, I would imagine...and hold it to the 
"wound"  thick darkish blood OOZING from it...it is soaked in seconds...grab 
a roll of toilet paper I keep handy for night time snotty noses and press the 
entire roll to me....and watch in amazement as the red spreads through it...

Finally it stops enough so i can get down out of the loft and into the 
bathroom to clean myself off.  My roommate for some reason was up watching 
TV...scared the crap outta him...I looked like Carrie at the Prom..

LOL I love diabetes...i hope this comes out of the mattress!!!

Sorry to gross you all out...

love ya
Sara SP
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