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Re: [IP] My Reasons (& Nursing Homes) -Cozmo?

I have worked many years in various nursing homes...and I mean nursing home.
And let me tell you, they barely even treat diabetes in most of them.  A
diabetic senior in a home is lucky to get their BGs checked once a day and
one shot a day.  They are still in the 'dark ages' in most homes when it
comes to diabetes and the care.  It is so sad to see.  Unfortunately I was
not in a position to say or do anything, or to expect anyone to even listen
to me...I was working as an nursing assistant.  After I complete my Masters
and hopefully get my CDE then  I plan on contracting with the MANY nursing
homes in this area to ensure proper treatment of their diabetic patients.
And forget ever seeing a nursing home resident on a pump.  I can tell you
that most RNs who work in a home will not want to be 'bothered' learning
about a pump or the doing the maintenance that is required.  Just my opinion
but I know what I'm talking about...First Hand!!!

mom to Joshua
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