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[IP] Re: More glucagon info

I'd bet that 12 weeks after being diagnosed with type 1, there'd 
still be a nice glucagon response in people too.  But the relevant 
issue is people with years (not weeks) of being type 1.  And there's 
lots of evidence there that says no more glucagon.
   Personally, I try to be as unlike a mouse as I can, even to the 
point of keeping my tail hidden ;-)    And when was the last time you 
saw a mouse eat pizza anyway?

<<<<<<<<<From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted>
"Despite the elevation of baseline glucagon levels produced by the
phloridzin treatment, the glucagon responses to insulin (2 U/kg
intraperitoneally [IP])-induced hypoglycemia was not impaired at 1
week. However, the response was reduced by greater than 60% after 6 and
12 weeks of diabetes (P <.05). In contrast, the glucagon response to
arginine (0.25 g/kg intravenously [IV]) was not reduced after 1, 6, or
12 weeks of diabetes, ruling out a generalized impairment of the A-cell
So, this specifically tested (in mice at least) that the amino-acid
arginine still stimulates glucagon production even though lows did 
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