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Re: [IP] gauging insulin in reservoirs

> The feature of being able to check the reservoir during priming to keep a
> running gauge on insulin content seems to me to be a no brainer, i cannot
> imagine using a pump that doesnt do this.

This is how my MM508 works and it isn't that bad.  When you refill the
cartrige and prime it you tell the pump about how many units are in the
syringe.  It then counts down from there and alarms at 20 units and then 10
units.  If you input it wrong then it is a problem.  I've never had a
problem with it running out when I thought it had more, because I get a no
delivery alarm from it trying to move the reservoir.  My basal rate is
pretty low, so I am surprised the Cozmo never had a problem with it being
empty so long.
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