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Re: [IP] My Reasons (& Nursing Homes) -Cozmo?

> But it actually would be quite surprising if pumpers could expect "the
> care they are used to having" in a nursing home, since most of us don't
> seem to even expect to get it in a hospital, going by all the posts of
> people insisting on retaining control of their own diabetes treatment
> during hospitalizations, surgery, etc. <gr.>.

You know, that got me to thinking.  I have had two grandparents go from
being "with it" to childlike and confused in a relatively short period of
time.  (Both were Alzheimer's patients.)  What would ever happen to someone
like that who was diabetic?

It was my grandma's confusion about her pills that drove my mom and my aunts
to have her moved to a facility with greater assistance.  But had she been
taking something like insulin, her initial confusion could have been lethal.
It was scary enough with the medications she had.

Suddenly I was just thinking about aging myself with some fear in that
respect.  All I can say is, I'm glad that technology is giving us the Cozmo.
I'd imagine pumps by then with those capabilities will become standard.  The
only risk would be forgetting to bolus!

Oh, yeah, I forgot.  There will be a cure by then!  (Actually, I'm not
holding my breath for it.)  But technology by that time may make even
bolusing a problem of the past, with a closed loop system and an implanted
insulin pump.

But there are likely elderly diabetics today struggling with this (whether
on the pump or MDI) and just the thought of it is enough to scare me.  I
feel for their families, and for the poor patients.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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