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Re: [IP] new bd meter

Hi Judy,
I just received my new bd meter today! I love it so far!!! It has some pretty
neat features for insulin users. You can keep track of how much insulin you
gave yourself with that bg reading ( if needed). But being on an insulin pump,
there isn't much need for that feature since my pump (paradigm) keeps track
for me. But anyway, the bd meter is a great meter. I was shocked when I put
the blood drop on the strip ( I didn't need all the blood that I had on my
finger for it!! ). So that in itself is great!
dx. 9/90 age 12. Pumping since 8/01 with my blue paradigm " lifesaver "

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Talked to BD today and they said they sent out the first shipment of meters
on Friday of last week.  They expected the next batch to go out this
Thursday or Friday.


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