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[IP] gushers anyone?

 I have heard about people having "gushers" and I have had them before myself,
but nothing could compare to what happened on Saturday. I started feeling
thirsty and sensed a headache coming on, so I decided I needed to change my pump
(after first checking my blood sugar). I got out my bottle of insulin and let it
warm and looked down at my site. It had the fainted red dot where the cannula
went in (I use Sils) and I had not hit the site at all. So, I went and got a
bandaid, just in case it gushed a little. As I pulled the cannula out, a rush of
blood streamed down my stomach and on the floor! I filled 4 paper towels before
my mother got me a wet washcloth to hold over it. We called the doctor (the
emergency physician) but now one ever called back. After about 20 minutes of
elevating my feet with the washrag on my side, it stopped. Now I have a purple
and blackish bruise! Anyone have any idea what might have happened? You can
email me personally at email @ redacted if you!

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