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Re: [IP] My Reasons (& Nursing Homes) -Cozmo?

Linda, I agree with you...one would THINK that you
could get the care needed in a hosp. or nursing home,
but, as you say, it rarely happens.  We certainly have
to be our own advocates, which I see as so hard for
the elderly.
I have been Director of Community Relations for an
international Assisted living company and it is
amazing how many people do not know the difference
between assisted living and nursing home care.  We
often have to turn away potential residents because
they are on an MDI program (my nurses called it
"sliding scale").  I have never had a resident come in
with a pump though....I would think that as long as
they could manage their own diabetes it would be OK.
--- Linda Zottoli <email @ redacted> wrote:
  Your statement
> about nursing 
> homes and diabetes care certainly did not apply
> there.  If you work in 
> one, perhaps it does in yours. :-)

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