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[IP] medic alert

I wear my medic alert on my right ankle.  I wear a gold bracelet and 
watch on my left arm and a bracelet on my right arm, (my medic alert 
is also gold on a gold bracelet) so if I were to wear it on either 
wrist it would just look like a charm bracelet.  I have 2 very small 
medic alert charms on my bracelet (they are a little smaller than the 
size of a dime).  In the past when I have been treated by EMS, they 
did not bother to check for a medic alert and I have many friends who 
are paramedics and also nurses and have been told that in most cases 
they do not check for medic alerts.  If you are found unconscious, 
they automatically give you 2 things, glucose in case you are a 
diabetic and something to counteract the eggects of an overdose.  So, 
eventually I guess they would figure it out.  Kind of scary, but true.

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