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Re: [IP] Nipro Amigo

> What have ya'll heard about the Nipro Amigo?  I really haven't heard much
> anything about it.  I do know they're suppose to start shipping in June of
> this year.

Months ago, I called them and asked about it.  All the info they have to
send (or at least, did at that time) was available right there on their web
site.  There is no video or anything more than a pamphlet.  Apparently,
marketing isn't on the front burner at this time.

But when I called, I talked to someone who had been involved in some of the
planning and developing of it.  (He is also a pump user himself, which I
think probably helped with the good ideas.)  It sounded very promising.  It
will have some of those features the Cozmo has, like translating carbs into
your insulin dose.  I know he said they were going to have an alarm clock
built into it.  We live in a house that is too small for us at this time,
and my daughter's crib is in our bedroom.  I have often thought of that
alarm clock capability and wished I had one.

I had a good handle on what all the features were that sounded so promising
after I got off the phone last fall, but I've forgotten what many of those
attractive features were, to be honest.  But my impression was that it was
worth checking out, if it is available when you are buying your next pump,
especially if its newness isn't a deterrent to you for making the purchase.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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