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Re: [IP] glucagon

> Ryan, please check out the following:
> 1) Lack of glucagon response to hypoglycemia in diabetes: evidence
> for an intrinsic pancreatic alpha-cell defect. Science 182: 171-3,
> 1973;
> 2) Lack of glucagon response to hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetics
> after long-term optimal therapy with a continuous subcutaneous
> insulin infusion pump. Diabetes 32:398-402, 1983


Though I haven't read the articles in question, the titles don't seem to
dispute what Ryan was saying.  Glucagon is there, but unregulated, so it is
released at the wrong times.  Several of those studies indicated it didn't
work to correct hypoglycemia.  This could mean that there is no glucagon
there or that it isn't being released in response to low blood sugar.

That's my totally ignorant impression of the titles alone, which probably
doesn't permit me to have an opinion, but I was making an observation about
what Ryan said and these titles.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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