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Re: [IP] where do you wear your medic alert bracelet?

I have found this thread interesting. My boyfriend is an EMT (hes taking the 
paramedic class right now but darn Illinois they just switched the 
requirements around) and works in an ER in Central Illinois as an ER Tech 
(stitches, casting, IVs, ect) . He told me that at least here in IL all EMTs 
are taught to check both wrists and neck for medic alert bracelets ect. Key 
here is that they are taught, doesnt mean it is always practiced. Also from 
his personal experience he says that most private ambulance companies are not 
that great. If you are in IL and would go to Carle chances are you have seen 
him and have been treated by him!

So, from what my bf says it wouldnt matter where you wear it as long as you 
wear it. He has seen patients with it on their ankles! 

BTW... my boyfriend was telling me that one patient of his was talking about 
how she wanted to go on the pump and he was talking it up to her and 
suggested that she check out this site!  He has seen a lot of pumpers lately 
it seems.

As always, this is coming from one person's experience. 

Adriana-- enjoying the nice warm weather in a tshirt and jeans  in nice 
chicago woooohooo!! 
dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992  
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