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[IP] Cozmo trouble - Emergency Room as result!!

 After 5 days on the Cozmo, my daughter woke up and was extremely ill: vomiting,
in excruciating stomach pain, unable to get up and ketones that were the highest
reading you can get. I gave her a syringe injection. I am a single petite
mother. She could not get up. As I kept trying to pick her up off the floor to
get her to the hospital, I kept falling down. Thank God a woman had just come to
my home and she helped me get Haley, age 7, into the car and get to the ER. Her
breathing was heavy. I was terrified. Watching the nurse digging around in her
little dehydrated veins for an IV hookup is a parents shocking nightmare:
Watching her scream and scream and scream for them to stop it. Telling me, "Stop
them MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!" God, I wanted to break down and die inside. It
was like my mind left and went somewhere else. Her Dr. and her RN came over and
nobody could figure out exactly what went wrong. Back home at night, I checked
her at 3 AM to find she was high again. I woke her up and checked urine for
ketones and this time they were moderate. I got so mad I took off her pump again
and pulled it open to look at the darn cartridge. The pump display said it had
36.4 units of insulin left on the main menu. Well, the cartridge was actually
dry as a bone. Empty.

 We got it replaced and a really great rep. named Craig Crease was our little
angel in helping me out, on his own time, re-program her new pump and get it up
and running. They had to send the pump to a remote diabetes camp location where
we were staying. I'm still depressed.

Denise Owens
Single Parent to twins, Haley & Savannah, ages 7, Haley dxd 12/2000
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