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[IP] Regular every few hours in place of the pump

> Michael: Our list owner;
> Can you please be more specific about this bit of very valuable
> info:  temp. use of Reg insulin while off the pump for a day: How do
> you calculate?  

I can't offer specific advice, only relate what I've done for my

we used 1:1 correspondence for basal pump insulin for the same time 

>Does p/h mean per hour?  
dunno, sounds like a typo

> What does YMMV mean? As an
> RN I'll catch on very fast after you clarify the abbreviations for
> me. Thank you very much. Karen

YMMV, Your Mileage May Vary
see:  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/faqs.shtml
"Confused about the words we use"

Lily replace her basal insulin with an injection based on the amount 
of insulin she would use for basal over a 4 hour period.

Simple example. If she uses 0.8 u/hr then for the next four hours an 
injection of 3.2 units will cover her basal needs without her pump.

It is wise to also keep in mind the residual insulin that remains in 
the cannula if you are injecting both regular and fast-acting insulin 
through the cannula rather than directly sub-cu. You must know the 
volume of the cannula and adjust accordingly. She usually gave her R 
injections this way with a snack or meal so that the R could be put 
in first, the residual FAST accounted for and the meal bolus then 
following the R to push in the residual R from the cannula..... make 

Last couple of time we did this it was with the "Sil/Tender/Comfort" 
type of set which has a residual volume of 0.8u more or less. We have 
done it with SofSets -- many moons ago -- which have a residual 
volume of 2.5 units. That's really a pain to keep track of.

Hope this helps.

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