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[IP] Re: More glucagon info

I found this interesting research information at 

"Despite the elevation of baseline glucagon levels produced by the 
phloridzin treatment, the glucagon responses to insulin (2 U/kg 
intraperitoneally [IP])-induced hypoglycemia was not impaired at 1 
week. However, the response was reduced by greater than 60% after 6 and 
12 weeks of diabetes (P <.05). In contrast, the glucagon response to 
arginine (0.25 g/kg intravenously [IV]) was not reduced after 1, 6, or 
12 weeks of diabetes, ruling out a generalized impairment of the A-cell 

So, this specifically tested (in mice at least) that the amino-acid 
arginine still stimulates glucagon production even though lows did not.
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