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[IP] cozmo update

Kevin has been pumping now for 1 week with Cozmo and it has been marvelous! As
much as he didn't want to part with his Htron...he is absolutely hooked to
this Cozmo. His averages have been creeping up over the past few months due to
growth and I think eating a bit too much fat. BUT this past week, his averages
have lowered a lot! He goes to the endo tomorrow, and I know he will have a
A1C for the first time over 7.0...no doubt. I'm thinking 7.2. He is usually

The good news is, we don't have many highs now, (this past week) and the lows
are less too! We are starting to trust the correction factor at night - which
is helping the most. Kevin tends to correct more accurately now at school
which helps the afternoon bgs! We are new to Combination bolusing and loving
that too!

Overall....we are extremely HAPPY with our Cozmo!

Mom to Kevin
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