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Re: [IP] My Reasons (& Nursing Homes) -Cozmo?

On Sunday, March 16, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

> her mother
> is in a nursing home and her BG was quite high the other night
> (between 500-600) and they gave her her N and R at dinner time and an
> extra 10 units of R to cover the high.  Her sugar had not dropped 2
> hour later so they gave her another dose of R.  I think in a 6 hour
> time frame she was given over 20 units of R and no snack before bed.
> In the middle of the night she bottomed out and they had to call 911
> to treat her low because after 2 Glucagon shots she still had not come
> to.

You know, this was at least a more logical course of action -- albeit 
not safe -- than I think the nurses I have seen treat diabetes in a 
couple nursing homes would have been able to come up with.  I had a 
confrontation with one LPN (she was the head nurse)  who I had become 
(ordinarily) quite friendly with <gr.> in the nursing home where my 
non-diabetic mother was staying, about the complaints of a type 1 man 
who, fortunately, got out of there pretty quick.  She had no clue.  And 
she sure wasn't going to accept any from either me or him.  A shot (or 
possibly 2, but that was pushing it) a day, and no sugar was going to 
do it all -- if it didn't, that was his fault.

I notice parents are thinking of the Cozmo  being a help for the 
child-care providers.  I wonder if it would help in a nursing home, too 
<gr.>.  I've always assumed I wouldn't stay alive  very long in a 
nursing home, because keeping my diabetes under control is too 
complicated, but maybe this type of pump at some point would make it 
possible.  Probably not with that nurse, though. <gr.>  But maybe it 
did make sense to get long-term care insurance <gr.>.

And, of course, we type 1 diabetics, and those type 2s who need 
treatment like that of type 1s, are living longer, and will eventually 
make up  a sizable proportion of the nursing home population, I bet.  
Barring that cure that the doctor in 1955 told me would be here before 
I grew up.

Linda Z
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