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[IP] medic alert

Linda asks

>>Have most of you found this to be true?? I have worn my medic 
>>alert bracelet on my right wrist since I switchedfrom the necklace 
>>and was just sure they'd 

having NEVER once in 29 years of being diabetic EVER had my pulse taken by an 
EMT, I counldn't say with any certainty if it is "true" or not, but I will 
say that BECAUSE I am right handed, I wear my medic alert on my left wrist.  
i can't hook the little thing with my right hand, and I have taken out all 
the extra loops in the chain so that is fits fairly snugly (my finger can 
slip between it and my skin) to lessen the chance of catching it on something 
and so it doesnt JANGLE....

until they figure out a better, painless way to tattoo DEFECTIVE on my 
forehead, I will wear this butt ugly piece of "jewelry" (now if that isn't a 
mis-use of terminology).  I feel NECKED with out it!!!


thing about being a left handeddiabetic is that if you wear your medic alert 
bracelet on your leftwrist (whichis recommended by EMTs because that is where 
they check your pulse)>>>check the right wristfirst....Now I don't know where 
to wear it?does it matter????
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