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On Sunday, March 16, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

>> This statement below about ace inhibitors is untrue.  Once kidney
>> complications start, there is no reversing them.

> My kidneys were given a prognosis of about fifteen years.  Today, some
> fifteen years later, they don't even spill protein.  Perhaps I am in 
> error,
> but my interpretation of what happened to me is that my kidney 
> complications
> were stopped dead in their tracks.  YMMV.
My experience was that I spilled protein (in the 200-250 range 
generally, only once over 500) for a number of years, but after 
starting ACE inhibitors in mid-90s, have stayed in or very close to 
normal range. I am not sure the ACE inhibitors are the only thing 
involved:  I also started pumping, with the resulting improvement in 
control. :-)  Maybe it depends on how far along the kidney 
complications have progressed?

Linda Z
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