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Re: [IP] Exercise In Spite of BG

I exercise evryday regardless of my BG's. If I am a little low, I eat some 
Smarties candy and hit the gym. If I am high, I just hit the gym a little 
harder. The exercise always brings me down to where I like to be. If I waited 
to exercise until my levels were "perfect" I'd probably never start. I 
usually drop my basal rate to .1 2hours before I am going to be working out 
so that if I am a little low, by the time I start my workout I have started 
to climb back up. On the weekend or any time I am going to be exercising in 
the morning ( or shortly after a meal ) I just bolus less insulin for that 
meal. This system has seemed to work for me so far. I am fairly new at this - 
Oct 02 so I'm still learning. Hope this helps you and Happy Exercising !
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