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[IP] Exercise & pump

Here are ideas from my 18 year old daughter - a runner & biker.

If a little on the low side: Take pump off or put in suspend mode while
exercising, Eat glucose tablets, fruit snacks and/or GU about 15 minutes
before exercising, Sip diluted gatorade while exercising (great for

If a little on the high side:  Bolus about 1/2 of what you normally would
to bring you down to the proper range - then go ahead and exercise, If
not too high, just leave the pump on while exercising (remember she
almost always has the pump off so she won't go low)

Of course, if she's too high or too low - all bets are off. 

Good luck - keep working with it - everyone seems to need to come up with
an individual combination that works for them!

Liz B.



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