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Re: [IP] Exercise In Spite of BG

I swim about 3+ hours a day, and that's exactly what I do.  If I'm low, I'll
drink a juice box and go on to practice, and if I'm high I'll correct it and
go on.  The only problem we've come to is that my coach isn't very
understanding of my diabetes.  He, usually, will not let me out of the water
to check my BG and we've had some pretty severe lows because of it.  That's
our current battle. :-)

> To those of you dedicated souls who have a good exercise program going -
> you do it anyway inspite of BG's? What I mean is: if you are a bit low -
> you just gobble some glucose tabs or other fast acting carbs and exercise
> if high - take some kind of correction and go? I am trying to get a
> going but it seems as if my Bg's are always out of range one way or the
> other.
> Ideas?
> Linda & Dax
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