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[IP] Bad Test Strips - AccuCheck

The last month or so, I have had several "bad" bottles of test strips.

 Within a 4 min. period, my AccuCheck comfort curves strips on my AccuCheck
Complete read:


(Yes my hands were clean, 
 Yes I used different fingers,
 Yes I had a good and complete drop of blood)

I called AccuCheck,
They sent me a new meter.
I used different bottles - ok for a while.
Then it happed again, and again.

Talked to AccuCheck again.

They said:
1. They do not test ALL the meters - just a sample
2. They have NO database of bad lot numbers to reference
3. "In their opion, I must be testing incorrectly"
(I test 8-10 times per day, and am on a pump)

They are sending out a new meter, and will replace my strips.
But I have lost all confidence in the testing.
With a low test range of 37-72 and a high test range of 235-385 
that is a very big variations in "valid results"
 Add to that the variations caused by the meter, control solution, and finger
stick blood
How does ANYONE Trust the reading?

Any advise would be appreciated.

Carl Findeiss
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