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[IP] Fwd: I'm back

Hi Guys,

Wanted to let you all know  that I am ginally back.  Barely remember how to 
use the computer, which I've never been very good at anyway!

So, I  had my pancreas transplant on Jan.23 & 24th ay Fairview - U of 
Minnesota hospital in Minneapolis by Dr David Southerland. Everything went 
well, except my blood pressure dropped drastically and they decided I was 
leaking blood so in the afternoon I had to go in for more surgery and to  
get things cleaned up & tightened up. Then later I had tremendous cramping, 
so I had a cat scan of my head, then  sonogram and another cat scan of my 
guts, Every thing appeared normal. I guess I'm just  big baby with a very 
low pain threshold. Any way, because of all this, I was in the hospital for 
a total of 4 weeks, then had to go back daily for  a few days for an IV and 
blood tests.

I,m still in pain, but new pancrease is working like a charm. Seems so wierd 
to be able to pretty much eat what I want and not worry too much about it! I 
still worry some. But no appetite and have lost a lot of weight. Only weigh 
104. Most food tasts prety yucky!


email @ redacted

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