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[IP] What a Day!

 Well I spent the whole day on the couch - half asleep and half just lying
there, I started a Hp-Pac triple therapy last night. Its for my GERD my blood
test came back showing I do indeed have H-pylori in my stomache so this is
supposed to kill it off in 7 days.
Well it consists of:
30mg Prevasid(which I've been taking 120mg a day for 3 years)
and 1000mg Amoxacillin
and 500mg of Biaxin
 It also comes with 2 pages of side effects and they are staring already, so far
I've got the headache, dizzyness and nausea, I'm just waiting for my eyes, skin,
tounge and pee to change colours!
 My sugars were high this morning but once I got them down they stayed in the
4's(70's) for hours, then started to creep up again. Not sure if its the meds or
just bad carb guesses. The pharmacist said the side effects will probably get
worse after a few days of the meds.
BUT hopefully this will fix up my GERD 

Has anyone been on this before?

P.S. GERD is Gastro - Esophogeal Reflux Disease
Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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