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[IP] Trouble with minimed 508

I am now on my 5th replacement pump with my minimed 508, they have lasted an
average of 11 1/2 months, Mini med has been ok about replacing the faulty
pumps but I am getting very discouraged about all the problems. I am not hard
on the pumps and don't have any environmental problems that should be
effecting the pumps Life span. I was wondering if any of you could give me any
information about the lifespan on the different makes of all the other pumps,
as I will be considering switching to a different make if the problems
continue. My original pump went into use 05/2000 so my warranty will be  over
soon and I think an investment of that magnitude should last longer than the
11 1/2 months that I am averaging, so if any of you can give me any feedback I
would really appreicate your help.     Thanks Bill
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