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Re: [IP] Lantus after pumping

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, Cathy Boback wrote:

> Hi there!  I was just wondering if anyone had experience with Lantus after
> pumping?  I am going on a beach vacation in 6 weeks and want to get a
> prescription for Lantus to use instead of my pump for the week on the beach
> (hard to wear pump in sun and water!)  I will talk with my endo of course but
> was curious how to figure out how much I would use of Lantus and when to give
> it and how often???  Any info would be extremely helpful...thanks!!!  Please

Lily has spent 2 weeks of every summer since diagnosis on the beach at
Tahoe at "granma's". If you are sedentary, you might need extra insulin,
but if you are swimming, and active you may be like Lily and need very
little so an occasional bolus every few hours might do the trick. And....
see my earlier post about our use of regular.

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