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> >I was the one who said it.  All I can do is speak from my own experience.
> This illustrates a fundamental problem in forming theories based on one's
> own experience.  You may well be correct, but the way to validate it is
> with a single case and especially not with your own.

I was not attempting to establish formal theory.  I was stating what ACE
inhibitors did for me.

If we can't draw any conclusions based on our own experience, then there is
little we can discuss here, is there?  We aren't conducting formal studies,
we are relating informal experiences.

I was responding to someone who said that ACE inhibitors COULDN'T stop
kidney complications in their tracks because they didn't for HER.  Shouldn't
the standard be the same here?  My experience is no less valid than another
person's on this list, especially when we are informally discussing things.

I'm not sure what the formal conclusions were that were drawn from the
studies done on ACE inhibitors, and it would be nice to know.  But I do know
that when I started, it was experimental.  Studies had been done on animals,
but not on humans yet.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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