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RE: [IP] getting off Ultralente

I wrote:
>I'd do what Michael, our illustrious list-owner suggested and cover
with Regular/Velosulin insulin injections every 4-5 hrs replacing the
missed basal after multiplying the rate p/h by the amount.<

Barb replied:
>>>This would be helpful IF you know what your basal insulin needs are for
each hour. Without knowing that, it is a shot in the dark.  If your pump
trainer had to eschedule, then an alternative plan should have been
provided.  I hate to say it, but this is close to "abandonment" (IMO), if
you were not given an alternative plan and were left to your own decisions
appropriate information for BG management. >>>

My post seems to be replied to with a mixed-in reply to the original post I
replied to, which is different in context. The original poster was to start
pump training and went off UltraLente. Training was rescheduled for a later
date. I agreed with Tami's conclusion, then
I said:
Some people want to go back on UL/NPH/Lantus as a backup for a pump failure,
but I would not reintroduce one of those back into my system. (add the rest
of the statement from the top of this post)

This statement was for a pump FAILURE, not for what the original poster is
doing who is not yet a pumper. Pumpers already know their basals so it would
not be a problem per hour.

Michael has suggested that *backup* plan many times. That's how I learned
it. The original poster still must have a background insulin of some means
in her system. (~_^)

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