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Re: [IP] Odd Flu-like Symptoms

In a message dated 3/14/03 6:52:10 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> ,
> I still felt crappy. Basically I feel hot, sweaty, tired, headachy, 
> nauseous,
> and today a
> little crampy too (but that's probably the start of my period). I don't 
> have a
> fever, my
> blood sugars don't seem to be out of whack, so I don't think I have a 
> virus.
> The symptoms
> seem to come and go. I will feel terrible, then fine, then terrible. 
> Tylenol
> doesn't touch
> my headache.
> I don't really know what this could be. I don't get sick usually. I mean, I 
> get
> a cough a
> few times a year, but that's about it.
> Does anyone know? Anyone have something similar?

     It sounds like you may have that nasty bug that's going around.  I have 
been sick since the 5th.  It started with a sinus headache, stomach cramps, 
and nausea.  I didn't run a fever at first, but had really bad chills and 
body aches.  After a couple of days, I started feeling better, but then it 
came back, and knocked me on my butt.  I had a very sore throat, and couldn't 
eat or drink anything, it even hurt to talk.  Then I started vomiting and 
couldn't stop, my BS meter said "high" and I was spilling a moderate-large 
amount of ketone in my urine.  My temp went up to 104. I was taken to the ER 
and was given an IV because I was so dehydrated.  I was told that it takes 
about 2 weeks to totally get over it so that it doesn't come back.  Get 
plenty of rest, don't try to do too much, even if you start feeling better, 
just rest, and keep hydrated- drink plenty of fluids, especially water and 
check your BS every 2 hours.  Go to the Dr. if your temp reaches 101, or you 
start vomiting, or your BS's go out of control.  Take care of yourself.

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