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Re: [IP] problems getting off of Ultralente

>>>You do not mention how your blood sugars have been..... You have cut out
your basil insulin, so I bet your body is pooped out, I bet your blood
sugars were quite erratic, I know mine would be, and that would exhaust me.
Tami in Tucson>>>
Sharee originally wrote, in part:
>I stopped taking my Ultralente Wednesday because I was supposed to start on
the pump Thursday.  I was told not to take it Wed. night or Thurs. morning.
Well, the pump trainer was not able to make it Thursday, I was told she
would probably meet with me Friday, didn't make it.  I have started the
Ultralente again, because now it looks like I'll have to wait until next
week to get started.  The problem is that since Wednesday when I stopped the
I have been SO tired, almost unable to function. >


I think Tami is absolutely correct. You MUST have a long-acting insulin on
board for a basal and stopping the UL has cut that out. You *recover* by
taking Regular/Humalog/Novolog for your carbs, you are covering just the
ingested food, but your body needs that basal. On the pump, the H/N will
provide that basal with small infusions delivered regularly.

Some people want to go back on UL/NPH/Lantus as a backup for a pump failure,
but I would not reintroduce one of those back into my system. I'd do what
Michael, our illustrious list-owner suggested and cover with
Regular/Velosulin insulin injections every 4-5 hrs replacing the missed
basal after multiplying the rate p/h by the amount. Use H/N to cover carbs -
this is for a day or two. Getting the long-acting back out of the system
could also cause problems. YMMV

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