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Re: [IP] Recovering from severe lows- HOW?

   Well, I know what you are talking about. As I live by myself, I has had
times where I have gone very low...under 20.... had seizures .... when I was
working... my boss would call me if I was late and come over to check on me
if I was later than 15 minutes. He found me one time under table ... I
didn't move and was cold when he touched me but he yell for the other guy
that he found me and to call 911 that I was dead  .... well .. I'm still
here. Today, my friends take turns checking on me... calling me at set time
or IM me.
    I ask my doctor, how I could still be here after going so low. This is
what he told me "Rodney, you will go in your own time, you are a fighter...
most diabetics are. We will work on your control together, with the love of
your family and friends to give you the tools you need to survive." Today, I
still believe he is right.... 7 times over the last few year I have been
dead 'well the that what the doctor thought ....heart stopped' I'm still
   Today because I am alone I don't go to sleep unless my BS is over 110, if
I'm dropping I stay up or turn pump down. They still happen, like I did a
month ago. I was out of town, staying with friends, they checked my blood
sugar read LOW-20 still  was after I had a seizure in the bathroom...they
found me sitting with a can of coke but i would not get it open. In my house
I have icebox next to my bed and the kitcken is 12 steps away from my bed.
    After they happen, I go over the things I did to see if I can see what I
did wrong. Most of the time nothing they just happen. I call my doctor and
talk it over, and sometimes go in to be checked over as I have hurt myself.
I fine that if I eat small meals 4 or 6 times aday for afew days and back
off abit on staying under tight control, I recover faster.

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