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[IP] My Reasons

After reading about the experiences in college with low bg I though I
would offer one of my more compelling reasons for choosing to go on a
pump.  I was working in a hospital for the Information Services
department.  The computer room was on the fourth floor of the oldest
building in the complex with the oldest elevator in the hospital (circa
1910).  I was on Ultralente and Regular.  One morning I woke up with a
low and took my insulin as normal and breakfasted as normal.  I got to
work and half an hour later I was passed out and convulsing on the
floor.  They ended up calling the EMT's to treat me.  It was the first
time in approximately 18 years the EMTs had been called for someone
actually in the hospital.  I was brought out of it by the EMTs and they
started to transport me to the Emergency Room on the other side of the
hospital when I bottomed out again.  When I finally woke up I was in
Emergency.  Turns out I mixed up the insulin and took 30+ units of
Regular and only 4-5 units of the Ultralente.  Had never happened before
and I sure do not want it to ever happen again.  That is one of the more
compelling reasongs for me going on the pump.  I am happy to report that
I am progressing and will be on the pump sometime in June/July

Gary Wise (dx 9/1974 soon to be pumping)
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