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[IP] Being polite... Letting things go

-- i just had to bring this up. i read this site, more than any other site 
on the entire Internet...
thers a lot of good things being communicated.
i like a place where We, can air out some of our fears .
ive learned more useful information, on this site, then in the other 45 
years, of this "long strange trip"
there are also, a share of ... shall i say, silly entries..
most of the time, i just let them go.

i was wondering, for a minute, about that "another 6 inched", but, i got it...
I didnt feel like i had to ask, ON LINE, so as to embarrass the poster...

I saw another, about dialing a wrong number. I think that the number given,
might have been for an "outside line", but, was it ALL THAT important ?
(if i REALLY needed to know, i would have emailed the poster directly,and 

I saw no need to imply "Are you dumb or something, what the heck is #22 mean ?"
(im not saying, that i might not be being a little over sensitive here, but 
i am attempting to make a point)

somethings, are better left to pass,   And ... "HUH ???" is IMNSOH down 
right ignorant
nuff said

all off line comments welcomed 
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