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Re: [IP] problems getting off of Ultralente

> You never mention any blood sugars - are you running high??

Being that tired has always been a classic symptom of me running constantly
high for a few days, running constantly low for a few days, or being on a
huge rollercoaster of blood sugars.  It's amazing I ever make it through a
day.  ;-)

My guess is that if you are off the Ultralente you are having to cover it
using Humalog or Regular?  This may cause you to be jumping around between
blood tests more than you had been.  So if you test and your numbers are
normal at breakfast and then lunch it is quite possible you were over 300 or
even 400 inbetween.

The other reason to worry is that if you sleep for 16 hours then you are
probably not injecting yourself with insulin at that time, which would imply
that you would be running high.  But then again that is all that I can infer
from your statements.

-- Sherry
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