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[IP] Pump Update Chose the Paradigm

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let all the wonderfull pumpers who offered advice that my
wife, Ute, finally decided on the Paradigm. She found out yesterday that
she was approved by her insurance and it should have shipped either
yesterday or Monday. Minimed people were great. Linda from Minimed called
within a few minutes of getting the fax to check on color (clear) and to
pick infusion set and everything. Looks like we may do training on the
24th at her Endo's office. She is getting a little scared I think now.
Before it was just abstract. Now that we have dates, it is more certain. 
I want to thank all of you who offered advice and encouragement. It is
great to know that there is a whole community of pumpers who are willing
to give help and advice. Hopefully we can find some other pumpers here in
Ft. Smith, Arkansas to share experiences with.
If anyone has any advice on things to do prior to training and start we
would be pleased to hear it. Feel free to send a private e-mail if you

Thanks again
Bill French
email @ redacted

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