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[IP] Recovering from severe lows- HOW?

Greetings all:
         A non-pumping college daughter of a dear friend was severely low 
yesterday (has had diabetes since she was 10). Her roommate awakened to hear 
her "gurgling", couldn't arouse her, called paramedics, who tested her at a 
blood sugar of 12 (this is third hand info from the frantic mom in PA who 
flew out to Colorado!). The EMTs supposedly gave her an IV (with dextrose I'm 
guessing?) but she also told her mom she threw up afterwards, so maybe they 
also gave her glucagon- not sure. The frightening part is the daughter has NO 
IDEA why this happened - nothing at all different in her routine. She uses 
Nph and humalog. She's now frightened to go to sleep, so her mom was flying 
out to reassure her ( and herself!) that she wasn't about to die in her 
    So considering my own college-aged daughter is now out of the country on 
Spring Break, THIS mom needs to hear a clearer explanation from the IPers 
about awakening on your own after being unconscious. My friend is convinced 
her daughter would have died if the roommate hadn't been there, & THAT is a 
burden no one should have to bear. 
Renee (Melissa's pump mom - 7 years on a pump TODAY!)
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