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Re: [IP] Getting a Cozmo trial like pulling teeth

> I think that the story about Deltec, is that they are having a problem
> up with the orders. let alone making enough to have every community to
have a
> pool for trials.

Yeah, that was my thought, too, but given that I first asked for a trial way
back in early January, I guess my patience is wearing thin.  My thought at
first was that, given time, Deltec would have enough pumps to adequately
cover the need for trial pumps, too.

And I'm glad they are dedicating SOME for that purpose.  But eventually,
they are going to need more, or some of us are going to take our business

After all the trouble people on this list have had getting one, I doubt I'd
even try if my 507 gave up the ghost suddenly.  It's to Animas I would go!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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