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Re: [IP] glucagon

Well I guess this just proves that you can't always believe what you 
hear.  I don't know what training your nutritionist had, but he/she 
clearly misled you with false information. Exercise does indeed 
release glucagon, but not in type 1 diabetics.  If you want to read 
some articles where this has been measured, email me and I'll give 
you the reference for at least 10 articles you can read for yourself. 
We type 1s may have a lot to worry about, but glucagon is not one of 
them.  Normals and type 2s do release glucagon, but when you exercise 
or when you go low, your body no longer relies on glucagon to help 
you.  It is not something you can argue about.  This is a dead issue 
for type 1s.  I agree there is clearly some effect of things like 
bagels and pizza but it is not glucagon for us.  And calling it a 
glucagon-like-effect doesn't help explain it at all.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<That's interesting, considering several times in my 
pre-pump classes my
endo required I go through they talked about certain things that can
cause a release of Glucacon.  This was a class DIRECTED at Type 1
diabetes, taught by a nutritionist and a few others.

Certain types of exercise cause the body to produce glucagon, which is
why many diabetics find that long-periods of exercise actually cause
HIGHS, not lows.  Also, the dawn phenomenon is partially caused by a
release of glucagon by the body.  Also, when your BG drops
significantly low, your body automatically produces glucagon.

The issue is hardly "dead"...but, understandably controversial.
Regardless, I don't care of the technical reason for the delayed rise
in pizza is due to glucagon being triggered by the food, or something
else...the end result is the same...a delayed rise that is unrelated to
the number of carbs or protein (or fat) consumed.  So far, the ONLY
explanation I've seen that has any scientific backing (though, no
direct research) is the "glucagon effect".  I now quote the term to
mean that is the effect like glucagon, not necessarily because it IS
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