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Re: [IP] glucagon

yes, your terms are not correct.  Glucagon comes from the alpha cells 
in the pancreas.  But type 1s don't secrete it after a few years. 
You may be referring to glycogen breakdown in the liver, which turns 
to glucose and enters the blood.  This release can be slightly 
inhibited by blood alcohol.

<<<<<<<<My question is what then causes a rebound high that I've seen 
discussed if
you go low in the night and don't wake up? I was always told not to go to
bed drunk,:), because the liver would be processing the alcohol and couldn't
pump out glucagon to save you if you had a bad hypo in the night. If we
type-1s no longer produce glucagon, what is that we pump out of our body
when fasting that requires that basal amount of insulin? Maybe I am getting
my "sugar" terms mixed up! :)
Curious Susan>>>>>>>>>>>
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