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[IP] Re: ACE inhibitors

> From: gail d <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] ACE inhibitors

> This is obviously a YMWV thing - I know that most
> folks with DM do not have low BP and an ACE inhibitor
> is a good thing.  But, I should have trusted my
> instincts up front and not taken it.  This could also
> explain some of my roller-coaster BGs.
> I'm glad I'm not seeing previous endo for my DM any
> longer.  And, I'm glad that my new endo is on top of
> things!!

Hi Gail

I  take 2.5 mg Zestril daily because of albuminuria (175) as of  last summer
and I do have orthostatic hypotension .  I passed out a few times from low
BP including once in Manhattan last June and this landed me in two different
hospitals, first the ER at Bellevue then North Shore University hospital on
Long Island.  I had  complete cardiac monitoring for a few days, a tilt
table test that confirmed the diagnosis of orthostatic hypotension and still
I was kept on the Zestril although I was given Florinef to help me retain
sodium and hopefully increase my blood pressure.   I moved near Albany, NY
in July and my new endo at Albany Med also kept me on the Zestril.  I had to
give up the Florinef because it made my hands swell up, and I now use mild
compression stockings to prevent myself from passing out.   The low BP is
worse in hot weather or with any degree of dehydration.  No passing out this
When I asked three different endos if I should give up the Zestril, they all
said that the small amount I am taking would not make any difference in my
BP, on the other hand they would not increase the dosage despite the
albuminuria.  So I guess it's up to me to decide what I want to try.    The
longer I have diabetes, the less clear are my options.  Oh well, we are all
pioneers with the Dastardly Diabetes aren't we?

Best wishes
Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
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