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Re: [IP] Getting a Cozmo trial like pulling teeth

> At least you got the other pump companies to give you a loaner, and Deltec
> to come by and show you one.  Back in 1999 when the choices were Minimed
> Distronic I couldn't get either of them to even show me one.   All said
> they didn't hand these things out for free they were expensive machines!
> doctors office had one of each to show, but they weren't loaning them to
> patients.

Honestly, now THAT is ridiculous.  How is one supposed to decide on a pump
without trying it out?!  I'm surprised.  I had a trial way back before I
ever went on the pump, but I got the loaner in my doctor's office.  I don't
believe they were putting enough patients on the pump in that office,
though, to have bought one for that purpose.

Anyway, it would appear that they decided trials were worthwhile since then.
At least, most manufacturers, other than Deltec!!  (And, since some have had
trials, apparently even Deltec is open in theory, whether or not they are in

I just think that a trial run is only reasonable, both for someone who has
never pumped before and even for someone who has.  You have to try it out to
know if the way it works makes sense to you, and if you like how it

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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