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Re: [IP] ACE inhibitors

Gail, can I ask why your previous doctor even suggested ace inhibitors?  I
have seen several endos over the years, the current one from Joslin, and
none have ever even mentioned to me to take one.  You didn't mention if you
had other symptoms to suggest it.

On the other hand I have had Cholesterol meds mentioned as I come from a
family of high cholestorol levels and my last one was 213 (down from 234).
However, she wants me to try a few more things to lower it naturally since I
am 26, of those precious childbearing years, and happily married.

Lucky for me everything else in my blood tests (knock on wood) are still
coming up roses.

-- Sherry
dxd 8/80 age 4
pumping 12/99 MM508
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