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[IP] Dr Bernstein's pump tirade?

email @ redacted writes:
>Early in Gabe's diagnoses we consulted (personally in New York) with Dr. 
>Bernstein, going through the three day exam and training described in the 
>We don't use his program anymore, and especially with the pump, don't find it 
>Remember that Bernstein's  standard is consistent NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR and an 
>A1C of 4.5 or so is what he desires and expects for his patients.  He keeps 
>his A1C that way himself.
>Gabe's A1C without the Bernstein program, has always been around 5.8-6.
>That having been said, his book has INVALUABLE information on basic concepts 
>about how blood sugar and insulin work together.
>As for the pump, I haven't spoken to Bernstein in about a year (right after 
>Gabe got his paradigm).  
>His objectionto the pump at that time was that  the pump interferes with the 
>I told Dr. Bernstien that Gabe has no problem with SHOWER, as he disconnects. 
> No problem with SWIMMING, as the Paradigm is waterproof.  No problem with 
>SPORTS, as the paradigm has survived trampoline, rock climbing, 
>rollerblading, brother wrestling and etc.
>As for SEX, well, Gabe doesn't tell me too much about his sex life, given 
>that he is thirteen.  He does have a pretty blonde on his computer's screen 
>In any case, I think Bernstein is a pioneer for his time but I thank G-d 
>everyday, every minute for GABE's pump!!!!!!.

Dear Marion,
  That's neat that Gabe was able to see Dr Bernstein. I guess that my real issue
with his program was simply that it was not the right thing for me to be doing
at this point in my life. When I was a kid, while we were not aware of
Bernstein, we
 used diets very much like his to control my diabetes. While now that I am an
adult I realize that I was really luck with my control as a child I also know
that I could not keep up that no fruit diet for ever. By the time I was a teen
my parents
 eased up on the diet and gave me some freedom, I'm thankful because if they
hadn't I think I would have gone off the deep end and stopped eating. When I
read Bernstein's book about a year ago I thought about doing the super
restrictive diet thing
 again, but decided that it was time for me to move towards more freedom instead
of less. Hence I got a pump instead! Diet is a very important part of diabetes
management but it is important to weigh the emotional/psychological cost against
blood sugar benefits.
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