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[IP] Tired of Insurance Comapany!!

I am so fed up with Pacificare right now I don't mind telling people they are 
the WORST, imo in covering insulin pumps.   We are trying to get the Deltec 
Cozmo for my daughter and they dont' want to cover it because it is too new!  
 I told them that is ridiculous, considering almost all other insurances have 
no problem covering it.  We looked at the MiniMed (which is one they WILL 
cover) but it just seemed complicated, the Cozmo has some neat features and I 
think my 11 year old can program it and operate it a lot easier.   I'm making 
phone calls and sending emails to people letting them know I am dissatisfied 
with they way they are handling this.  There are at lest 7 other children 
that go to the Barbara Davis Center For Childhood Diabetes that also want 
this meter.  If anyone has any helpful suggestions, please email me and let 
me know.  

"Faith is to believe what you don't yet see, the reward for this faith is
to see what you believe."
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