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[IP] ACE inhibitors

I am simply sharing something that I discovered this
week.  I am NOT advising anyone to discontinue their
medications or purporting to have expert knowledge
about this topic.  This is just my experience...

I have been taking an ACE inhibitor (zestril 2.5 mg
per day) for the last 18 months.  When my previous
endo suggested I take them I raised several concerns -
1) my blood pressure is already dangerously low and
2) ACE inhibitors have been known to lower BGs

Previous endo would not negotiate on either of those
points, dismissed my concerns, and insisted that I
take them. Okay, fine, what can it hurt?

Fast forward to new endo at the Barbara Davis Center
for Childhood Diabetes here in Denver whom I saw this
past week...

He reviewed my vital signs on Wednesday morning and
noted my BP was 80/50.  he was shocked at how low it
is.  I laughed and said something to the effect that I
have to hang onto the walls everytime I stand up. 
Then he looked at my meds list and said "why the H***
are you taking an ACE inhibitor????"  Even at just 2.5
mg per day - I am in the danger zone with my BP.

This is obviously a YMWV thing - I know that most
folks with DM do not have low BP and an ACE inhibitor
is a good thing.  But, I should have trusted my
instincts up front and not taken it.  This could also
explain some of my roller-coaster BGs.

I'm glad I'm not seeing previous endo for my DM any
longer.  And, I'm glad that my new endo is on top of

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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